14 August 2011 – They Go Together

In my house growing up there was a small picture frame on the North end of the kitchen that held a poem of sorts. I will do my best to recall its wisdom. It went something like this …. An apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.
The other day I saw some nice looking Granny Smith apples as I went through the store. Now, I do not bake or do pastries of any sort but I was reminded of the poem and decided some nice cheese would go well with the apples. True to my nature I decided some spice would do well also.

Apples and Cheddar

Apples and Cheddar and Some Spice Makes it Better


03 August 2011 – When its Hot Out … Migas

In The Shade

Shady Side of the House

And it is hot right now in Texas. Not just hot but darned hot and unrelentingly so. This is not my first heat wave rodeo either. I survived the record setting heat wave back during the summer of 1980. 42 consecutive days with temperatures at 100 F or higher. The highest temp that year was 113 F and there were 69 days over 100 in total.

Flash forward to the present. We have had 32 consecutive days at 100 F or higher and 39 total so far. It shows no sign of letting up either. We might just beat the the record set in 1980, though it will be a painful record to achieve. Tuesday set a record for the date with 110 F and the heat index (feels like) was at 115 F or more. It is supposed to get hotter as the week rolls on and then cool off to 104 F by Tuesday next week. More info here.

In spite of the weather we still got to eat, right? I have been thinking about Migas for about a week. It is a Tex-Mex/Mexican/Spanish dish depending on where you consume it. It varies with location and is often confused with chilaquiles which can be very similar. You can click those links for the specifics but I am going to tell you what Migas are to me. Continue reading

02 August 2011 – Hamburger Pie

Well, again it has been a while. I was coaxed into getting back to business by a friend and fellow photographer  Jeremy Richter over in the great state of Alabama. You should check out his photography site as well as his photography blog postings.  Jeremy really gets out and captures the beauty of the surrounding Birmingham region.

Hamburger Pie??? Am I to assume you don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, I run across folks all the time who have never heard of it. Think of it as a Shepherds Pie without the lamb or as a Cottage pie with a little Texas flare. Continue reading