“Prop”-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Cavanaugh Flight Museum has a new membership tier that is likely to please amateur and pro photographers alike. The CFM Photo Squadron membership gives photography enthusiasts opportunities to photograph key aircraft from the collection when the light is right.

"Prop"-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

“Prop”-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

From Cavanaugh Flight Museum:

“The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is one of the nation’s premier aviation museums with over 50 aircraft from WWI through the Vietnam conflict. The museum houses some of the rarest examples of warbirds in the world including combat veterans like the P-51 Mustang, “Brat III” and the B-25 Mitchell,  “How Aboot That”
Image courtsey of James ThorpeThe Cavanaugh Flight Museum Photo Squadron is an opportunity for photographers and enthusiasts to have exclusive access to the museums aircraft in unusual settings outside of the normal aircraft positions in the hangars.
For an annual membership fee, you can become a part of an alliance of enthusiasts dedicated to preserving historical aircraft and memorabilia while having the ability to capture images not possible as a regular visitor to the museum.”

Visit their site for all the details  – Cavanaugh Flight Museum CFM Photo Squadron.

Scott Slocum

Scott Slocum of CFM addressing photographers at the Glacier Girl sunrise photo shoot.

This past Saturday – May 17th was the inaugural event for the photo club and Scott Slocum – CFM Photographer and originator of this group, made all the arrangements to kick it off in grand style. You see, the weekend of May 17-18 was the museums annual “Warbirds over Addison” event and the museum arranged for a very special guest – Glacier Girl of Lewis Air Legends, the famed P-38F Lightning from the “Lost Squadron”. What Scott was able to arrange with the museum and Glacier Girl’s ownership was a sunrise photo shoot of the P-38 in good light and with a decent background.

The night before, I check the weather and TPE – The Photographers Ephemeris for sunrise data (time and angle), prayed for a clear sky and was off to sleep.

I arrived at 6:25am and there was already a good sized crowd in place and receiving instruction from Scott. We had about an hour with Glacier Girl. Starting off at telephoto distances and moving in stages to normal lens and wide angle lens distances.

I never felt rushed, I had time to consider my angles and perspectives and Scott was available to answer questions and offer advice.

This, the first outing of the CFM Photo Squadron, attracted about 37 photographers with the

Group Portrait with Glacier Girl

Dallas Aviation Photography Group preparing for group portrait with Glacier Girl.

majority coming from the Dallas Aviation Photography Group from meetup.com. They were a friendly bunch and I saw everything from smart phone cameras to digital back medium format being used. You can see some of their work from the photo shoot by visiting their site here.

Scott has already got a pretty exciting agenda in place for the Photo Squadron and maybe, just perhaps he has a few surprises up his sleeve as well.

As for me, I came away with what I was hoping to get. The P-38 is a difficult plane to get a good angle on when it is on the ground. I had time to consider perspectives and now have some files that I can work with.

I am already looking forward to the June 27th Sunrise photo shoot with the F9F Panther outside with wings folded and down. She is a beauty and this will be the first time I have seen her outside the hanger.