“Prop”-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum


Cavanaugh Flight Museum has a new membership tier that is likely to please amateur and pro photographers alike. The CFM Photo Squadron membership gives photography enthusiasts opportunities to photograph key aircraft from the collection when the light is right.

"Prop"-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

“Prop”-a-Razzi Decend Upon Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

From Cavanaugh Flight Museum:

“The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is one of the nation’s premier aviation museums with over 50 aircraft from WWI through the Vietnam conflict. The museum houses some of the rarest examples of warbirds in the world including combat veterans like the P-51 Mustang, “Brat III” and the B-25 Mitchell,  “How Aboot That”
Image courtsey of James ThorpeThe Cavanaugh Flight Museum Photo Squadron is an opportunity for photographers and enthusiasts to have exclusive access to the museums aircraft in unusual settings outside of the normal aircraft positions in the hangars.
For an annual membership fee, you can become a part of an alliance of enthusiasts dedicated to preserving historical aircraft and memorabilia while having the ability to capture images not possible as a regular visitor to the museum.”

Visit their site for all the details  – Cavanaugh Flight Museum CFM Photo Squadron.

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