Embrace the Texas Heat with a Fiery Mesquite Grilled Chicken Salad


Cool off this summer by using the power of hot chilies to provide you with your own personal air conditioning.

Spicy Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast on Fresh Salad

Savory Mesquite Grilled Spicy Chicken on Salad

I learned, some twenty plus years ago, an important tip on staying cool during the hot, muggy Texas summers. I was working on a landscape crew down on the Texas coast and while the temperatures hovered close to the century mark during the summer, it was the 90 plus percent humidity that took its toll on me.

One of our crew members, Javier, almost always had a fresh jalapeno in the lunch his wife packed for him each day. I finally asked, “Javier – Why the jalapenos?” and his reply was something like “jalapenos are air conditioning”. I sat for a moment, taking it in, when he went on to explain that the chilies make you sweat and when the air moves across your wet skin it helps to cool the body. He of course was right and I was given one more reason to love chili peppers, each and every one of them.

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a gift for your mouth from deep in the south

Home Made Bread

Home Made Bread

What’s better than sliced bread? Home made bread, sliced and buttered. Anything better than that? Yep, toasted pimento cheese sandwiches.

Pimento (or pimiento) cheese, however you spell it, is one of those things that transports me straight back to my youth. Kind of like peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches. They could be found at all levels of society. Finger sandwiches at the tea room or country club, or part of a hearty sack lunch for the steel worker or elementary school kid. Continue reading

01 November 2011 – Spice up That Morning Drive

Just wanted to mention a great way to get your circulation going as you start that morning drive.

On your way home one night stop in to your favorite bagel shop and grab a few of the most savory bagels to take home. Grab some of your favorite cream cheese while you are there.

If you are like me you will have some fresh chili peppers, cilantro and tomatoes at home. If you don’t, stop and get some. Go home now and do the chores.

When you wake up – grab that cup of coffee to open those eyes and then slice and toast that bagel. Slice some tomato and some of your favorite chili peppers too. Now you can spread a good amount of that cream cheese on your toasted bagel and then add your tomato, chili peppers and a nice amount of cilantro.

Wrap it up, fill up that coffee cup and hit the road. This will hold together nicely for those eat on the drive folks and will be just as good if you wait to have your desk under you.

This particular version was an everything bagel with onion and chive cream cheese, Serrano, habanero peppers and garden tomatoes. Don’t forget the cilantro; it adds such freshness. The cream cheese tames the chilies just enough and the combination of ingredients will keep you going all the way to a late lunch.

Southwestern Bagel

Southwestern Bagel