15 March 2012 – Lupo-Lobo Chicken Fried Steak

Well, how long has it been? Long enough for me to know I have neglected my duties here. I bet it has been six months or so since the last post. My apologies are extended.

About a year ago I posted here with some historical information regarding one of my favorite all time meals – Chicken Fried Steak. Some may call it country fried steak or pan fried steak but for me it is Chicken Fried Steak. It was called that when my Mom first put one before my face many many moons ago and I will call it that until my last days. You can call it delicious.

So today I had the honor of cooking this wonderful Texas classic for my wonderful Texas parents. On my last post I didn’t provide a recipe or go into the details of the preparation. I am going to make up for that today. Continue reading